Our Guarantee: Marcus & Company Realty Helps Take the Risk Out of Home Buying!

Marcus & Company Realty GUARANTEES that the Buyer is 100% satisfied with their new HOME.

If you purchase a home using Marcus & Company Realty as your Buyer's Agent and within 12 months you are not 100% satisfied with it, our Team will sell your home for FREE

We want you to be totally satisfied with your new home and will do everything to get you into a home you will love...GUARANTEED!

Why do we make such an offer?  We are confident that our team is trained to listen and is dedicated to finding the "Perfect Home" for you.  That's why we are willing to work for FREE if your new home isn't everything you expected it to be.

If you're like most homebuyers, you have two primary considerations when you start looking for a home.  First, you want to find the home that perfectly meets your needs and desires, and secondly, you want to purchase a home for the lowest possible price.  For many people, home ownership is not thought of as an investment, but rather as the great "American Dream".  Homeowners feel that their home reflects their personality, lifestyle and aspirations.

For these reasons, decisions about buying a home are often the most emotional moments in one's life.  With emotions so strong, it is important that you still take care to protect this most important financial investment.

Contact us anytime to learn more about the LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT GUARANTEE and the local home buying process.

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