Ten Ways to Know that You've Found the Right Home

Posted by Marcus Vanzant on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 at 10:50am.

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Do you think you've found the perfect home here in the Sun Coast? In last week's video, I discussed how to make a good offer on a home, and one of those tips involved not sleeping on a good home. But how do you know that you've found the right home?

Today I have ten different pieces of advice to help you make that decision. You don't want to take too long to recognize the right home in this market or it may disappear.

  1. The driveway has to draw you inside.
  2. The front door should embrace you and lure you inside.
  3. You feel comfortable in all of the rooms, especially in the bathroom.
  4. You're already possessive about the home.
  5. Can you envision your furniture in the property?
  6. Can you see yourself painting the rooms?
  7. Do you enjoy spending time in the neighborhood?
  8. Do you want to stop looking at other homes? Are you comparing other properties to this one?
  9. You cannot wait to brag to your friends about the house.
  10. You want to stop looking at other homes.

Hopefully this has helped you recognize if you've found a good home in the area. You don't want to wait around too long, otherwise you will lose out on that dream home!

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Marcus Vanzant, Owner/Broker, REALTOR®

Bradenton Real Estate Expert

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